Residential Security Teams (RST)

One of our most frequently requested services

When it comes to the things that matter most in life, there is nothing that can replace the health and safety of those you care for most.

GB K9 Protection Security Services will reduce these daily worries with a strong residential security plan that includes expert personnel trained to put you, your family members and your belongings first.

You will experience discreet residential security and  peace of mind.

GB K9 Protection Security Services residential security teams (RST) are made up mostly of former members of the armed forces, utilising their military training and experience, they provide a sound protection solution. We can also combine our residential security personnel with highly trained patrol dogs, to enhance the overall level of security provided.

Ideally, prior to any deployment of residential security, we would carry out a full Security Review and Risk Assessment. However, should circumstances dictate rapid deployment, a Primary Review and Risk Assessment would be carried out and acted upon; this would then be followed by a more in-depth report.

Here, at GB K9 Protection Security Services everyone matters and for that reasons we have different offers and packages to suit everyone no matter of their financial status.

We  do protect millionaires as well as hard working farmers believing everyone's life and safety matters the same.

Choice of packages-VIP, Executive ,Standard- and Joint (more than one house on the street) will allow everyone to feel protected and enjoy their daily life uninterrupted.

Duties and responsibilities of RST staff will vary, depending on the requirements of the principal and can include, but are not limited to: gate security, CCTV monitoring, security patrol, key-holding responsibilities, surveillance and reporting any suspicious activities and persons. The residential security guard will also act as a first responder to the principal’s alarm activations.

The residential security guard must demonstrate a high degree of professionalism at all times. Outstanding personal presentation is also paramount to us, as they represent our Company and our Client at all times.